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    Please take my photograph down from your page!

    I discovered a Female Wolf Spider living in my wood pile this afternoon.  While typically not aggressive, they will bite if provoked or scared and are considered to be dangerous to Humans.

    While the bite is very painful, the side effects are far worse, lasting up to ten days you will/can experience nausea, dizziness, and rapid pulse activity.  In some cases you will experience necrosis of the flesh.

    A very beautiful, yet dangerous lady.

    Female Wolf Spider : Ian Norris

    I am totally and utterly in love with these two photographs of Harvest-Moon that I was lucky enough to capture this evening.

    Dirty shirt, dirty face, no pants, just perfect.

    The Sunflower patch has become of great interest to him as he loves picking flowers for his Momma and with only two flowers currently bloomed I am having a hard time keep him from picking them.

    Once there is enough of a bouquet I will let him have at it.

    Gatherer : Ian Norris

    Calling all dog lovers, especially in the Oklahoma area.

    It is with a heavy heart that I make this post.

    I seems that our new baby, Everett-Wilde, is allergic to our dogs and we need to seriously consider rehoming them.

    We are looking for good people that are looking for new companions in their homes. Blue, the German Shorthaired Pointer, and Raven, the Pure Breed Black Labrador, are both wonderful and kind animals.

    Great with children, these dogs have given us a lot of joy over the last 4 years and deserve to be re-homed into a loving environment.

    We would really prefer that the two dogs stay together as they have known each other since Raven was just a pup. There is a two year difference between the two. Blue is now 6 and Raven is 4. Both are up to date on their shots but we self administer so we have no records to prove that.

    If anyone knows of anyone that would be interested please let us know. We trust that you would only suggest people that you know would provide good homes for them.

    Adoption : Ian Norris

    In my garden I have a bird feeder in which we only ever use Sunflower seeds, they seem to be the most popular food for birds in my area.

    Of course, as the birds fly and flitter about at least a quarter of the seeds end up on the ground, spread out along the fence line near the feeder.

    Usually I clear them up and try and add as many back into the feeder but this year I just left them on the ground to see what would happen.  Naturally they started to sprout but I was dubious as to whether then would actually grow into Sunflowers and they are all de-shelled and produced for commercial use.

    To my surprise they did start to grow and pretty well, too.  I now have a large patch of these tiny Sunflowers growing in my garden underneath the feeding station.  I am not sure why they are so small, perhaps they are of a specific variety?

    I am really happy about it.

    Bouquet Of Sunflowers : Ian Norris

    Need a new bag or tent?


    Getting rid of some extra gear. If you’re interested you can email me at beartreadway(at)gmail(dot)com for my photographs of the items and other information.

    Poler Bag and Camera Insert in great condition - $55 plus $10 shipping

    Poler One Man Tent - $70 plus $10 shipping

    Tent, tarp, and poles are still great, missing one peg and one is broken.

    Signal Boost for beartreadway
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