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  • wildemoonleather:

    The Riveted Card Wallet is perfect for holding your essential cards and folded bills. With it’s slim and lightweight design it fits perfectly into your front or back jeans pocket and you almost don’t notice it’s there.

    I have since discarded my usual wallet and exclusively use my card wallet. Head on over to my store and check them out. You will find a link on the main page.

    - Ian

    Trading makes the world go around…

    I really enjoying trading with other artists.  Not only do you get great products but you also gain new and trusting friendships with people.

    You also get to promote their work as well as them promoting yours.

    If you are an artist or creator of any kind and it is within your scope to make a trade with someone, you really should.  

    Its good for the soul.

    The wallet prototype that started it all! I made this for @bemerson81 as he needed a simple and slim wallet for his cards. Needless to say, he is super happy with it and it’s great to see @wildemoonleather products in their natural environments. In this case, surrounded by beer and whiskey!

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