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  • Hello. I am a Korean The father of two children. And to work with our leather craft instructor wife, Report a leather product you receive a lot of touching, try to leave this post. We want your home always happy and healthy family.

    Asked by c81024

    Um……thank you?

    I am not a rich man, at least, not in the way a lot people rate wealth, and I cannot throw a whole bunch of money at companies that produce product that I adore.  

    I can however make small contributions and take pretty decent photographs of the products I do purchase when they arrive.

    I recently made my second purchase from saltandsteel, the first was the Captains Ice Chest, the second was their coffee mug, and once again I have been blessed with a wonderful product from wonderful people.

    Salt & Steel predominately produce items and clothing for the great adventurers out there, the people that are discovering the void and making their own way on this beautiful Earth.  That being said, their products are also perfect for those of us that spend cold Autumn and Winter days and nights in the workshop developing new leather products, hashing out car and motorcycle engines, or what ever it may be that keeps the light inside of us burning.

    Many of you have likely visited their site at some point, but some of you may not.  Go ahead, treat yourself to a fresh cup of coffee from their Cafe Mug, warm your head with one their cozy beanies, or just decorate your life with a bunch of their stickers.

    Pay them a visit, you won’t regret it.

    Salt & Steel : Ian Norris



    My son Strider was born 3 weeks ago today. I recently commission leather genius and friend Ian Norris to make a piece that I could use and pass on to my boy when he grows into a man.
    Ian completely blew me away with his build.

    It’s a wonderful feeling when your work becomes an important part of someone’s future.

    I was honoured to be given the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to young Striders manhood.

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